Financial Sense Redesign

We were approached by the good folks at to see if we could improve their website and make it more user friendly. Financial Sense … Read More

The National Register

A web portal to purchase or view relevant and extensive data base information for the textile and clothing industry. Catalog editions may be purchased in … Read More

Superior Touch

PhD Studios was asked to design and build a user-friendly online presence to market their food bases, Promote the brands and provide Industry buyers with … Read More

ONG Pickup and Delivery

This website features some very sophisticated back-end programming that provides an online portal for matching shippers to businesses withh shipping needs. Read More


Client needed a fresh look for a no frills, low budget website solution. We delivered with a sophisticated color scheme that breathed new life into … Read More

Special Times Catalogue

Art Direction of photography, layout and design of this holiday mail order catalog. Photography by Ryan Beck. Client wanted all photos as large as possible … Read More

Zip Sours

Logotype and illustrations combine on a holographic surface to create a mouth watering label and tin. Read More


Silver-Sept needed a straight forward look. The font used is “Lewisville”, a condensed serif/san serif hybrid that I have been developing for a while. Read More

Tangy Zangy

Here’s a logotype solution that literally dances on the page. Can you hear the rumba? I have no idea what these letters are based on. Read More

Southwest Offset Printing

This monogram for Southwest Offset Printing suggests the rollers of a web press and/or wide rolls of continuous paper for large volume newspapers, magazines and … Read More


Sanilex Antiseptic product brand name inspired by Fenice letterforms. The hyphen was reversed out between the ‘i’ and the ‘l’, to preserve letterspacing. The result … Read More


Logo design for a line of organic seasoning mixes for Superior Touch Foods … Read More

Organized Care

Three symbols in one – heart, hands, and angel wings. Type is Cheltenham. Organized Care is an on-line medical service. Read More

Margaux De Brie

Margaux De Brie brand. Custom script based on a mixture of formal script and Cochin Italic. Hand drawn and digitized to vector format, this custom … Read More


LTI Corporate symbol. LTI manufactures xenon and mercury xenon lamps for film projectors, digital projectors, rear and front projection Televisions. This is a purely geometric … Read More

Love Stories

Typographical embodiment of “Sweetness”. This logotype was developed for a Valentine candy line featuring a series of decorated gummy candies entitled: Love Bugs, Bear Hugs, … Read More

Just For Fun

The Parent Brand for a childrens candy products. This required a solution that would look fun, be readable and most important, would work in conjunction … Read More

IE Workspace

The monogram works twice as hard by appropriatly depicting the modular nature of the office furniture and the initial letters ‘I’ and ‘E’. Futura and … Read More

Hahn & Bolson

Hahn & Bolson approached us to create a monogram that was strong, unique and based on classic typography. The vertical stems of the ‘H’ and … Read More

FS Construction

FS Construction specializes in electrical contracting. This typographic solution suggest a red/black pair of wires: negative and positive. Letterforms are loosely based on Clarendon Bold. Read More


This logotype and symbol communicates the processes involved in extracting terpins from citrus products to be used as environmentally friendly solvents in lieu of more … Read More


Don’t you just love it when the negative space cooperates so beauifully? Complimentary colors orange/blue with shaded colors on the left plane give this a … Read More

Creepy Crawlers

Creepy Crawlers brand of gummy candies. Letterforms are gummy-like and drawn to fit close together. There’s a whimsical attitude yet the thicks and thins of … Read More

DVD Script

In 2006 I produced a 3 hour video to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of my Grandfather’s immigration from Sweden to the United States. This … Read More

Signature Wood Works

Calligraphic forms mixed with Goudy all caps based type suggests old-time craftsmanship in a modern context. The result of stacking the letterforms creates a structural … Read More

Come Unto Christmas

Hand lettered formal script forms capture the tradition, elegance and spirit of a Christmas Concert. I think some of our best work is done pro … Read More

City of Pasadena

Art Center College of Design wanted to thank the City of Pasadena, CA for their cooperation with the school on the event of the College’s … Read More


Elfin is a fantasy font and was drawn to resemble the script text of J. R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. It has old style … Read More

California Pools

California Pool & Spas’ existing logotype was a “love child” of the 70’s. The font was highly dated and difficult to read. We were commissioned … Read More

SOP Brochure

Southwest Offset Printing needed a series of brochures that presented their facility and services as state-of-the-art. Our studio created detailed process illustrations, graphics and dynamic … Read More

Christmas Concert

This festive custom piece of typography was created from Belucian characters. The ‘C’s were redrawn. Ligature between the S and T. flourishes were hand drawn, … Read More

Brita & Jonathan

My oldest daughter is a traditionalist to the core. Her courtship and marriage to a full blooded Dane was a fairytale come true. It seemed … Read More

Arizona Milkman

Arizona Milkman is a home delivery business that needed an identity that was colorful, clean, and felt trustworthy. We combined illustration, period fonts and primary … Read More

Charlemont De France

Based on Centuar letterforms, this hand drawn logotype was used for an imported Brie Cheese from France. The open spacing and inscised type gives this … Read More


As an antimicrobial Skin Cleanser we thought it best to create a label that looked squeeky clean, high-tech yet not cold. The Anasept brand is … Read More

Anasept Gel Brochure

A four page product brochure emphasizing the antiseptic qualities of the product. Photos of petri dishes were taken with colored gels. The text was superimposed … Read More

Alina & Daniel

My second daughter likes things simple and elegant. She also has her Dad wrapped around her little finger. When her ‘other’ finger began to sport … Read More

Anasept Logo

Anasept is the flagship antimicrobial cleanser brand for Anacapa Technologies. Client wanted a logotype to suggest new, better, and professional hospital use only. The logo … Read More